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Updentity's Batchbook integration allows you to...

Seamlessly update and fill-in missing email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses directly into your Batchbook account.

Purchase targeted leads that can be made available in your Batchbook account with just a few clicks.

Append employment and business data to your Batchbook people and companies. Access demographic information such as age, gender, date of birth, wealth, and income information.


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Integrate Batchbook with Updentity

Don't let bad data make your contact records unusable


Did you know?

  • 34% of Americans Create a New Email Address Each Year
  • 18% of All Phone Numbers Change Each Year
  • 11% of All Addresses Change Annually
  •   1% of People Pass Away Annually
  • 86% of Women Change Names When Married

People continue to move, accept new jobs, and change their methods of preferred communication. Because of these changes, the majority of contact records in your CRM will become unusable unless you painstakingly maintain them.

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